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DO NOT TRUST THE BOOK - NZD: Save the Zutarians!!!

***This used to be my Journal Entry but I moved it to an Essay since it was getting long and more Zutarians need to see this. But if you have already read it, read it again, things have been added.***


Link to the Spoilers:…

As the leader of the newfound group called the Ninja Zutarians of Doom, I have a few choice words to say about this comic book. No, I have not read it, but, yes, I have read every spoiler, seen all the scans, and whatever else, and I am here to DISPROVE IT ENTIRELY!!!

You heard me, Zutarians, KATAANG IS NOT THE END!!!

Don't believe it for a flipping second! It's NOT TRUE!!!

WHY? It's simple!


As Zutarians, we NEED to think logically, and we KNOW that Bryke thinks logically as well, hence why their story is so beautifully woven. So...think, sit here and think as you read the following points.


Copied From Amy-Anne on the Zutarian-Empire Journal post found here:…

Anyway, I will elaborate some more on what she wrote:

"We all know very well that Bryke is VERY weary of letting out spoilers. For goodness sakes, at the NYCC, when the simple question "Will Ursa turn up again?" was asked, they blushed and mumbled, "You will have to wait and see.""

WHAT? They didn't say anything about URSA, ONE SIMPLE CHARACTER, RETURNING??? Why not?

BECAUSE!!! They have these spoilers under lock and key! So, Number One, BRYKE WOULD NEVER RELEASE SPOILERS IN A BOOK!!!

They won't even talk about spoilers, so why would they release such spoilers, such MASSIVE spoilers, in a book?

EDIT: I’ve heard that this book was to be released after the finale aired, but that doesn’t change this at all. Once again, if this book was the actual truth, would Bryke have let it be released BEFORE the episodes? Yes, it costs money to store them away, but would YOU, if you were working on a story for like the past decade, allow Nick to release this? Ummm…NO!!! Come on, common sense here.



Because they would never release spoilers like that, we can also conclude that a book that WOULD HAVE released spoilers would not only have been stopped from being released, but if released, the writers would have been sued for all their worth! Nick controls the air dates, Bryke controls the story and the spoilers. Point Number Two!!!

EDIT: Someone asked me about the whole lawsuit thing and how if this book isn’t true (which it ain’t), then wouldn’t the writers be sued already for writing this fiction? Hmmm…WHEN WAS WRITING FICTION EVER A CRIME? Writing the actual story in a book and putting actual spoilers would be the crime, NOT FICTION! So, no, there would be no lawsuit over a FAKE BOOK!

My honest belief is that this book was created for the Kataangers. If this book was to be released at the end of the finale, then it was a book for the Kataangers and Maikoans basically showing them a flipside as to how the story could have happened. That’s all this is!



If you look on, do a search on Avatar books, several books pop up. There are the LOST SCROLLS books and then there are the GRAPHIC NOVEL books. The GRAPHIC NOVELS all say this:

"Written by Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko. Additional writing by Aaron Ehaz, Peter Goldfinger, and Josh Stolberg."

Notice, they are written by MIKE AND BRYAN!!! DUH! These stories are REAL, tell the TRUE STORY, AND HAVE THE SUPPORT OF BRYKE!!!

Even the Lost Scrolls books have some merit to them, for in the "author" section is says:

by Michael Teitelbaum (Author), Shane L. Johnson (Illustrator)
or even this
by Tom Mason (Author), Dan Danko (Author), Patrick Spaziante (Illustrator)

Notice how most of the time in these books it is Michael Teitelbaum (Author) who writes the stories. But also notice that after the name it says AUTHOR.

Now, what about Sozin's Comet?

by David Bergantino (Adapter), Patrick Spaziante (Illustrator)


I sure did, and you better too! We already discussed this in my previous journal entry. ADAPTION means MODIFICATION, CHANGE, ALTERATION. In other words, DIFFERENT FROM THE ACTUAL STORY!!!

"In this ADAPTION of the four-part Season Three finale..."

And please notice that it DOESN'T SAY AUTHOR BUT SAYS ADAPTER!!!

Why? Because the authors in the other books stuck to the real story of Avatar while this is a fickin ADAPTION, FICTION, FALSIFIED INFORMATION.


EDIT: I’ve looked at all of the other books, and they don’t mention the ADAPTER GUY as one of the writers at all. This person is totally new, he’s not even given the title of author, and Bryke has not supported this book in any way, shape, or form. The only thing that is on this is the Nick logo, which only means that this was Nick’s doing! Not Bryke’s!

So, once again, I will emphasis the ADAPTION concept! If this book was to be released AFTER the finale, the stuff about it being a fake still holds true, even more now than ever actually!

If this were the ACTUAL STORY, why why why why why doesn’t it say AUTHOR?

Someone, anyone, answer me THAT!

If this is truly and honestly and deeply and fervently and every other “ly” word you can think of - FACT - then why does it say ADAPTER???

WHY? Because what does ADAPTER mean? Change! Modification! Alteration! This book has basically taken the finale, the real finale, and turned it into a new story. I’ll repeat for you what a friend of mine so brilliantly said. I’m gonna quote him now but won’t say his name:

“Don't worry about what the book says. An adaptation is basically the equivalent of a fanfic that follows an episode completely except for re-writing the ending into what they wanted and changing the few parts they need to so that the ending can happen.”

You know who you are! And you are too right! Too right!

I love how he says this! Changing the FEW PARTS THEY NEEDED so that their ending can happen!
Ursa, anyone?

Notice how Ursa doesn’t appear at all throughout this entire book. Why? Think about this! What connects Zuko and Katara more than anything else in the show?

That’s right! THEIR MOTHERS! Hence, Ursa!

Is there any mention at all of the Zutara Ninja mission? I haven’t heard a thing about that one. Why? Because they probably omitted it because it showed how well Zuko and Katara fit together. The same goes for Ursa. If she had returned in this book, it would once again show how well Zuko and Katara fit together! So, she has been OMITTED! Hence, the changing of a “few parts” to better suit this fake story!

Why leave this out? This bonding moment between Zuko and Katara? No Ninja Mission at all? Nothing between them? Why? Because it doesn’t support the Kataang ending!


I ask you to question yourself. Did you think that Ursa would return in the end given that she has been mentioned several times as one of Zuko’s biggest influences in his life? Did you not think that her story would be resolved and we would find out if she were dead or alive after Ozai mentioned to Zuko that she was only merely banished? Do you really think that is all for her? No mention whatsoever?

I’m basically begging all of you to stop looking at this book as fact and instead look back on the REAL EPISODES! What did you expect for the end? How was it different? How was the development changed or altered? If you truly look at the real story in the REAL EPISODES, you’ll see how crazy this book is!


There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG with this book! Not only does it read like a bad fanfic (as shown on the scans by Aang saying stuff like "oh, gosh, she is beautiful" or "cool"), but it leaves MANY MANY MANY questions unanswered. Nothing of Ursa at all! EVERYONE LIVES!!! What bogus is that? The White Lotus Society is barely discussed, not to mention the outlandish ending of a very anti-climatic finale that is Kataang and Maiko.

WHAT THE HECK? Do you seriously think that after all of this AMAZING STORYTELLING that Bryke would end it like THAT? NO WAY! They are better than this! Even if it did end in Kataang, it would end better than THAT! (But we all know that's not possible!)

Just think logically about it! Will Ozai die? YES! Will Azula die? Quite possibly. Will Ursa return and her history be answered? HECK YES! Will we learn about the White Lotus Society? YES! Will Aang finally grow up, realize his destiny, LEARN TO LET GO OF A FEW THINGS IN HIS LIFE (Katara), and defeat the FireLord? YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Jeez, don't take this book literally! It is a fraud, a fake, a sham, nothing more than a mindless attempt at money.

EDIT: Yes, this is all for money! Don’t believe me? Well, once again, look at who wrote it! No one who has written them before! Seriously, this person probably approached Nick and said that they would love to write an ADAPTION for the end of the story for those who didn’t like the way it ended for real. So, what does Nick do? They let them, of course. More money! And are Nick and this Adapter Guy sitting back, twiddling their thumbs, and laughing their heads off at how amazing this has worked out? You bet your socks they are!

They released it early! Everyone is in a frenzy! People are buying it who would never have boughten an Avatar book before (example: ME), and they are getting more money than ever because of the panicked frenzy this is creating! Nick doesn’t care at all about any of us! They shoved the episodes back, duh! They don’t care! But does Bryke? Yes! I believe they do! Hence why they haven’t released all these spoilers, hence why they haven’t said a word about the ending, hence why they have NEVER insulted either side!!! And, yes, that interview is FAKE! I’m getting to it.

But back to what I was discussing above in Number Three about Ursa. As a Zutarian, I urge you to think about why Zutara works and why Kataang doesn’t. Forget this book and instead remember why it is that you believed so much in Zutara. How you noticed that Katara treated Aang as a child, always giving him sisterly affection, hugs and kisses that were meant for a friend/relative, and always protecting and comforting him, never receiving anything in return. And then remember Zutara! How Zuko and Katara connected, found that common ground, helped each other through their pain, comforted each other, showing us the only kind of relationship that can work - two-sided.

But more than that, what about: Yin/Yang (screwing with that ancient concept isn’t a good idea, and they didn’t just use this once, but many times over), Sukka = Zutara (same relationship, just different people), OmaShu is to Jetara is to Sukka is to Zutara (three relationship examples that showed us how Zutara would be, how it would be TRUE, REAL, STRONG, WOULD FIND A WAY, & WOULD BE GREAT!!!), JUN (was that whole girlfriend reference for nothing and her returning for nothing?), Guru Pathik (LEARN TO LET GO, well, if Kataang happens, it doesn’t look like Aang LEARNED ANYTHING!!!), and much much more!!!

There are plotholes in the Kataang relationship that haven’t been filled, things left wide open and unanswered like the LET GO concept, things like Ursa being left out, things like Ozai not being DEFEATED. There is so much that has been omitted, changed, altered, and modified that I can’t believe anyone would believe this!

And if you do believe it, well, whatever. I will only believe the REAL EPISODES, and until I see those, I take this book as nothing more than a FAKE ATTEMPT AT WRITING THE FINALE. But, if you do believe this, Kataanger or Zutarian, then it will only create even more of a surprise when the episodes reveal a different ending entirely! And that is one of the purposes of this book!



Boy, that seems like a darn killer, don't it?

First, let's read this shall we?

Q: There were several allusions to Katara being Zuko's girlfriend throughout Season Three. Aside from Uncle Iroh, she seemed to be the first person to see the potential good in Zuko. Was there ever a spark between the two? Was there ever a point which you thought they would end up together?

M: Sorry to disappoint the "Zutara" fans out there, but we never intended for Zuko and Katara to get together. Maybe we're just sentimental, but we always had a soft spot in our hearts for "Kataang".

B: Zuko and Katara might have shared some sparks, but sometimes there are people along your "journey of love" who are there to teach you about yourself and what you really need, but don't necessarily end up being your partner. Come on, kids! "Zutara" never would have lasted! It was just dark and intriguing.

Now let me ask you this: does that sound like Bryke to you? It sure doesn't to me!

Mike and Bryan are respectful guys, adults mind you, and they wouldn't just say it like that, basically laughing in our faces. Come on! Are they really that cruel? The "come on, kids!" bit is just a little over the top, don't you think? KIDS? Are most Zutarians KIDS? Ummm...NO! Most Zutarians are ADULTS!!! Like BRYKE! So, again, think about this? Does this sound like them? Do they act like this? Would they laugh in our faces? Have they ever been this cruel? Have they EVER insulted the ships?

But even more than that is some of the interview questions that are TAKEN FROM OTHER INTERVIEWS!!! Yes, that is right! Don't believe me? I've heard these questions asked of them before, this is just a crap compilation of questions they've already answered!

For example:

Q: Can the Air Nomads make a comeback?

M: Aang is the last Airbender, as the title says. It's not likely.

Q: If Aang and Katara had a child, which kind of bender would it be?

M: First of all, they're way too young to have kids! But if down the line they decided to, it would be a waterbender, an airbender, or a non-bender. But not a combination or an Avatar. Avatar is a reincarnation cycle, not something that happens from genetics.

Q: What's next for Avatar?


M: We have ideas to further expand the world, but it's still in the very early stages. We're keeping busy by finishing up the last episodes and serving as executive producers of the live-action movies.

I remember reading this before, seeing it before, and hearing it before! A lot of this is just a compilation of past interviews. So not only is that a big RED FLAG right there, but READ THIS!!!

Q: Why did Sokka lose his space sword and his boomerang at the end?

M: That's why that scene is so great! These are just ordinary objects, but over the course of the series Sokka (and viewers) have formed an emotional connection to them. So when he loses them in order to save Toph, it really feels like a sacrifice. And in an epic finale, it's more satisfying when the characters have to sacrifice something in order to achieve their goals.

Notice anything? Let me point it out to you!


Hmmm...does this sound like something that Aang needs to LEARN? Maybe like learning to let go, learning to move on, learning to live!

Basically, this is so contradictory from the ending of the story that it is amazing! They are basically saying that it is satisfying to have someone sacrifice something. Is a boomerang and a sword that big of a deal? Is it that satisfying?


What would be satisfying then?

Aang learning to grow up, coming to grips with life, learning valuable lessons about love and friendship, learning to let go, becoming the destined Avatar he is meant to be and saving the world, kicking some serious Fire Nation butt along the way!


But in this "EPIC TALE" where it ends in Kataang and Maiko, Ozai basically gets wrist slapped and doesn't die, Azula disappears, Ursa isn't mentioned or brought back at all (thus not fulfilling Zuko's entire story), and Iroh ends up running a little tea shop, how could this possibly be anything but TRUTH? *sarcasm*

Seriously, Zutarians (and Kataangers and other Avatards), think logically about this for it is all a simple SHAM!!! You heard me, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING IN THIS BOOK IS TO BE TRUSTED!!!

Only the episodes can truly be trusted, and that is what I am sticking with!

Plus, as my friend Roxi (nani003) so brilliantly put it, there was once a book she read in which the authors put that it was truth, plain as day hard-hitting fact, but if one looked at the back of the book, it said FICTION in small print. Did people fall for it? YES THEY DID! And that is what is happening with this book! But, when I get this book, I'm gonna look it over for all it's worth until I find that itty bitty disclaimer that says "this is an adaption, not the real story, the interview was created by the adapter and not done with Mike and Bryan, the creators of Avatar." Yes, I believe it is in there. Maybe not written like that. But I'm betting that at the end of the interview portion there is a disclaimer, a small line that people are overlooking that will hold the key to the REAL TRUTH of this "EPIC TALE."

EDIT: Plus, I must add that we need to return to our once great education that was given to us in KINDERGARTEN! Remember when your parents/teachers said this: “Not everything you see or hear is truth.” Hmmm…could that possibly apply to this incident? Yes, it can! We can’t trust everything we see or hear, and therefore I’m not trusting this piece of crap at all! And neither should you!

So, my fellow Zutarians, we have a NEW MISSION as the NINJA ZUTARIANS OF DOOM.

Mission One:

MAKE ERICA HAPPY!!! (GreenifyMe) AS WELL AS THE OTHER GALS IN THE TRIUMVIRATE OF DOOM!!! I think they are buying into it a little, so first we need to get them back on top where they belong! They are like the old, seasoned Zutarians of our fandom, and like an elderly person who could fall and break their bones more easily, they have fallen in the same way. They have gone through more hits than some of us who have only recently joined the fight have, and, therefore, their falls hurt more and more with the passing of time. As for those of us who are new, we can bounce back more easily. So it is up to us to help them back onto their feet for their wisdom is great indeed!!!

Mission Two:


You heard me! People are buying into this so HELP YOUR FELLOW ZUTARIANS!!!



Now, off you go, save your fellow Zutarians from certain depressing doom! Show them the light if they haven't seen it already! GO! QUICKLY!!!

EDIT: As far as the Ninja Zutarians of Doom (NZD) goes, you can call yourself a member if you DO NOT BELIEVE THIS BOOK! Only then are you a true NZD. So, fellow NZD members, get out there and recruit more NZDs so that we can stand strong until the end.



As of now, I have not worked on Lesson11 because of all of this mess, so there won't be one this Monday. EDIT: I said previously that next Monday they would be returning, but seeing as how I will be out of town, I don’t think it will happen until the next Monday which is the 26th of May. But, for now, we’ll see. When it returns, though, it will be returning for good until the end!


AVidZktjo aka Kat

Before leaving this essay, favoriting it, commenting on it, or whatever, remember this simple, sweet concept that basically shows us the true merit of this book:

"In this ADAPTION of the four-part Season Three finale..."
by David Bergantino (ADAPTER), Patrick Spaziante (Illustrator)

Nothing more needs to be said on the topic. The real merit of this book is clearly stated in the very description of this comic and its so-called “authors.”

This used to be in my journal, but I have decided to expand it and release it out as an essay. Nothing more really needs to be said about it. It is all clearly stated in the essay as to what I believe! And so, without further ado, I only have one thing to say:



Avatar © Nickelodeon & Viacom International Inc.

Sozin’s Comet -False Hope- [link]
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carynne0 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
"Zutara would never have lasted."

I'm afraid I don't understand that part. I mean, that's like saying Kataang would have lasted. Aang is the avatar, and he'll have to leave Katara one day to protect the world from devastation or something. (Yeah, that's why James is single.)

And Katara and Zuko have chemistry. Katara and Aang are a toy ship that kind of defies a lot of things. First of all, they're kids. One way or another, it's kind of creepy since Katara is two years older than Aang OR Aang is around a hundred years older than Katara. (Not to mention, Taang is cute.)

It's like Bryke just felt that Aang deserved to get the girl, so they gave him Katara. But with all the ship tease, it's kind of hard to imagine that they weren't planning Zutara at all.

Plus, if you look at the Avatar Chibi Shorts...
The one with the dance had Zuko as one of the boys who wanted to take Katara to the dance. He even said, "My heart burns for you!" It was written by Mike.
The bending battle had Katara going all, "Tiny Zuko! You look so cute!" though it was written by Joshua Hamilton.
always remember this..people trying to believe in the false shipping doesnot believe in there god
Libra-chan94 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
If I were you I'd disable the comments here...
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010
LOL. Yeah. Well, people who read this now and argue against it are crazy cuz the show's over. I guess I could take this down, but whatever. I just ignore the stupid comments. They're arguing for nothing and wasting their breath if they say something so their loss not mine. =D
Libra-chan94 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
mm, true
nadiniar Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009
Maiko95 Featured By Owner May 11, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Errr... No offense and sorry to spoil your dreams, but Kataang and Maiko happened.
tiger456 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2008
they did release it because they are imbassals.
kevo998 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008
wow after all that the book was...well...true...well true for kataang!!! I dont know now my hope is now gone im so sad *porceeds to cry*
emeraldshapeshifter Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
Okay, this is a load of BS.
MissOnceMore Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2008
I read about this book and was in shook for several days after this. I watch all the Zutara vids you've done and thought: Whats the point, the bloody book has already reveald everything. Then I started to re-think. Why would they give so many spoilers BEFORE the great finale? And then I read your essay and Zutarian-Empire's and everything is crystal clear to me now! I had no idea that it wasn't the writers of AtLA who had written that crap! So thanks alot for taking this up and telling the real truth! Now I don't have to worry anymore. Jeez I sound like some tv-shop comercial...hehe ^
swfan13 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
if the book is true ,though, kataang would still not happen, because if kataang happened they wouldn't need clear it up with asking if Katara was Zuko's girlfriend.
Danny-Q Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
swfan13 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
what I'm saying is that Kataang happened in the final episodes nobody would be asking if Katara was Zuko's girlfriend. This book- if it's real- was supposed to be released after the final episodes aired, so what the people writing it had already seen the episodes.
swfan13 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
I mean "if Kataang happened in the final episodes,"

sorry not a very good proofreader.
Blu3paint Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
the part about it being for money is absolutly true. there are a few people that i have been trying to get that into their skulls through their logic blocker, and i'm just glad i have someone else who actually has a brain
gotta go i'll write more later
RotoSequence Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
I cannot even begin to fathom why anyone would feel such desperation that they need to create pages of rambling to strengthen some self concocted delusion of Zutara being end game, and the book release being some sort of bizarre conspiracy.

But for the sake of entertainment, let's try to counter some of your argument's more glaring flaws towards the start (Because I couldn't stomach the ingestion of any more bullshit after a point...)

First, a definition: Adaptation
A work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form; "the play is an adaptation of a short novel." Or in this case, it is a TV show that has been recast into a Novel. Adaptation does not mean re-write or re-imagining.

Second, there is a very good reason for a book publisher to release a book early, and that is because it is extremely expensive to leave thousands of pieces of printed inventory sitting in warehouses for an indeterminate amount of time. The Book publishers are NOT nickelodeon, and Mike and Bryan do not have control over the publisher's schedule (which Nickelodeon worked out to, originally, coincide with the airing of the finale).

Mike and Bryan are also not the actual owners of Avatar anymore. They are the creators. The ownership of the franchise goes to Viacom International, because they bought the distribution rights when they funded the development of the series. It's business. They're in it to make money.

There is no conspiracy at work, you are just manic. Please, please, please realize that you need help if you cannot move beyond the fact that your wishes did not get fulfilled in an animated cartoon - in the end, that is what Avatar is. It is a Cartoon; animation. Pencil drawings and pixels.
NotSugerButSpice Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
This may be me just hanging on to the cliff here but don't they also say 'intended' in the interview? Like "I didn't intend to fall in love, but I did?"
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
Where exactly? I'm confused.
insanelemon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008  Student General Artist

thats not true. They put "The western Air temple" out on dvd before it even aired here.
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
But that's not a spoiler, that's an actual episode. That's nothing.
AvaMaster Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2008
Um, Bryke DIDN'T let the book come out.

It was a marketing mistake.
sammieAWJ Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
"It just fills me with so much hope!!"

I love you. Have I mentioned that lately? You ALWAYS put my fears to rest.

Also, can I be a NZD?
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2008
Yes! You sure can! I just need to make a club now. Hmmm...:plotting:
Zutarianartist Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
I don't remember If I commented earlier but if I did.. here comes my rant again!

I did something like this when season 3 first aired, discussing my opinions on the root of Maiko.... Let's just say things didn't work out... :XD:

I seriously wish i was like you and just brushed the flamers off my shoulder. But, i'm those people who just can't let go ( like Aang perhaps? )


I was retty skeptical about this whole book thing. Even when I was reading the first part of your essay, but when i saw the ''Ninja scene was omitted thing'' Oh yeah. I knew it was a fake.

Seriously? Why would Bryke create a fake scene (actually, SCENES) just to throw us off? If they did do that, then that would be a waste of time and money. It does NOT make sense, and the whole omitting ursa thing.. HA! Can't do that either! Because SHE was in the trailer too! ( She was in Azula's mirror when the psyhco threw the hairbrush at it)

So, yeah, even just analyzing the trailer will tell you not to trust it!
PaperTears Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
You know what? How Bryke says 'C'mon kids! Zutara would've never lasted!' or something like that, I know this point was already proven, but could you believe those idiotic jokers wrote something that bashed Bryke's show?

I mean, c'mon. As i've said before, BRYKE IS SMART!

Why would Bryke ever bash a shipping? Especially on how THEY THEMSELVES CREATED ZUTARA TO BE WHAT IT IS!

Dave Bergantino is practically saying:

"Hey, ya'll! Bryke hates their own show!"

I can't even believe those people let Dave Bergantino put out false books! This is insane!

And again, Zutara would've probably never been a shipping possibility if it hadn't been for Bryke themselves. So why would they bash themselves over something they created? Unless.. it was just to give us all something to speculate on.

But.. I kinda' doubt that. <3
zutarafox44119 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008
I never belived this book at all. I had to make sure my friend (a fellow zutarian) didn't believe this book either. I love zutara still and didn't believe that book since I heard of it. SCREW THAT BOOK!!!!
Dinodemo Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008
Did the book tell anything about Irohs "jurney" to the spirit world... Just wondering....
Caterfree10 Featured By Owner May 28, 2008
... I have officially given up on avoiding spoilers. *shot*

Feh, whatever, I'm like you. None of this shit makes any sense to me. ESPECIALLY the ninja mission omission. Why remove something that damn near every Avatar fan was talking about after seeing the NYCC trailer? That makes no sense whatsoever. It's all bullcrap and if it were to end like that, it just sets it up for a never ending story of.... yeah can't think of a bad enough term for that one even when using cuss words if that says anything.

But I mean, Bryke have crafted this story so beautifully and to have it end like that, I really don't see it happening. There is a reason I'm not giving into the temptation to read the book and waiting until the finale airs. I'll keep my money for Japan and college, thank you very much! Now excuse me while I hunt down and castrate the adapter...
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 29, 2008
Hehe! You go, girl! Hunt down that adapter! I'll join you! :D
Caterfree10 Featured By Owner May 29, 2008
YAY!! We shall get 'em with our combined Ninja Zutarian strength! HOOAH!
bijoukaiba Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
\"There were several allusions to Katara being Zuko\'s girlfriend throughout Season Three. Aside from Uncle Iroh, she seemed to be the first person to see the potential good in Zuko. Was there ever a spark between the two? Was there ever a point which you thought they would end up together?

M: Sorry to disappoint the \"Zutara\" fans out there, but we never intended for Zuko and Katara to get together. Maybe we\'re just sentimental, but we always had a soft spot in our hearts for \"Kataang\".

B: Zuko and Katara might have shared some sparks, but sometimes there are people along your \"journey of love\" who are there to teach you about yourself and what you really need, but don\'t necessarily end up being your partner. Come on, kids! \"Zutara\" never would have lasted! It was just dark and intriguing.\"

One thing I noted upon his how nonsensical the allusions are. Where are these supposed hints? Now, here\'s what I did: Try rereading through it, but replacing the words associated with Zutara with those associated with Kataang (pretty much, the opposite of everything). What makes more sense- the above paragraph, or this one? (Inserts are in parentheses)

\"There were several allusions to Katara being (Aang)\'s girlfriend throughout Season Three. Aside from (Sokka), she seemed to be the first person to see the potential good in (Aang). Was there ever a spark between the two? Was there ever a point which you thought they would end up together?

M: Sorry to disappoint the \"(Kataang)\" fans out there, but we never intended for (Aang) and Katara to get together. Maybe we\'re just sentimental, but we always had a soft spot in our hearts for \"(Zutara)\".

[Here\'s the part that best shows the difference the opposites make: ]

B: (Aang) and Katara might have shared some sparks, but sometimes there are people along your \"journey of love\" who are there to teach you about yourself and what you really need, but don\'t necessarily end up being your partner. Come on, kids! \"(Kataang)\" never would have lasted! It was just (bright) and (obvious).

What do you think about that? :D
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
My thoughts exactly! The "Journey of Love" thing would also be a contradiction for Kataangers if they are to accept it as truth. Because basically, you can't have a "Journey of Love" if there was never even a friendship to begin with! Think about it! By accepting this as truth, Kataangers are going against some of their principle arguments: that Zuko and Katara were NEVER INVOLVED with each other. Hmmm...I just find that interesting. They must accept something they once denied as truth before they can accept this as truth. It is all screwed up! It really is!
Nonblond Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Lol, soo basically... Your telling the Kataang Fans to "Let Go"? Is that correct? :giggle::rofl:
Then you can call me a Ninja Zutarian Of Doom! :w00t:
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Yes, just as Aang must let go, so much Kataangers. LOL!
Nonblond Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Ironic, no?
Btw, I love your Lessions on YouTube... I commented once saying that noone seems to notice that the last pair of dragons are blue and red...
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Yeah, they'll see. We'll all see. Whatever happens, happens. Oh, and I know about the dragons. It's awesome! :giggle:
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 30, 2008
Whoops! So MUST Kataangers. Sheesh. :giggle:
ChrnoBE Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
This has just opened my eyes... TIME TO SAVE MY ZUTARIAN FRIENDS FROM DOOM!! * goes on a NZD mission*
darklunar Featured By Owner May 23, 2008   Filmographer
kya!!! zutara forever and ever i shall go with it till the very end! and you make it look very logical that the book was actually a waste of money. also they wouldn't just follow that story line i mean if people just read the book they would have no reason to watch the show and thus bringing ratings down for the last eps =/
KataangandZutara Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
I am very much happy with both ships, I like both (as weird as that may seem). I love Kataang and I belive it will happen and Zutara is hott. I wouldn't mind if Zutara happened (although i don't belive it will), I just don't want Aang to be hurt. And Zuko has alot of other women. I'm not all for Maiko, but after the boiling rock, it only seems fitting that Zuko will end up with Mai. Zutara is nopt bad, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't seem likely unfortunately...
Masthya Featured By Owner May 22, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
OKAAAAY. You freaked me out. lol. Didn't you read the interview with Bryke? They say that they NEVER intended zutara to happen because it was too dark and intriguing (sp?) so it will end Kataang. They also say they didn't plan the book to be released before the finale.
And most important: you don't decide how avatar ends, and your imagination isn't going to change Bryke's minds!
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
Seriously, I've read the interview, and all I can do now is laugh. :rofl:
spade749 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Boy, was I shock and convinced today! I looked up David Bergantino on Google. If you want more proof that is simply an adaptation of Avatar, look him up and the work he's done. You'll be convinced in an instant! LOL! It feels GOOD!
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
WOW! You're right! Look at his other work, it just adds onto already written stuff, manipulating it. Hehe! This is better than the word ADAPTION!
Kaidendabomb Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
The-Smiling-Mai Featured By Owner May 20, 2008
I have hope... And it's freaking distracting me from everything else in my life. But who cares? ZUTARA!!!!

So many flamers... So many hypocrites... Commenting on your theory... Just because you're a Zutarian who's trying to excercise her freedom of speech... And share her ideas... Ans give the rest of us Zutarians hope... *cries in corner*
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 20, 2008
Why are you crying? We have so much HOPE! Ah! Seriously, I'm actually glad this book ended in Kataang now because it just showed how stupid and worthless it was, which will make the Zutara ending even better. Cuz, guess what? Now Zutara truly would be the unexpected ending since so many people are believing this book. Hehe.
The-Smiling-Mai Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
I'm crying about the people who flamed this.
AVidZktjo Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Oh, I don't cry at that. I laugh! :evillaugh:
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